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Economical Insurance

Customer Service Hero, Toronto


Posted 27 Days Ago7681-1570560

Company Information



Because a changing industry calls for a new way of doing things. An ambitious, innovative and fast-paced company, we offer exceptional training and development programs, competitive pay, great benefits, company-matched RRSPs, and paid volunteer days — all within an engaging, fun, and collaborative work environment.


Founded more than 145 years ago, Economical is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurance companies. We rely on our national network of more than 800 independent brokers to sell a range of car, home, business, and farm insurance solutions. With Sonnet and Petline, we’re extending our reach through the direct-to-customer channel. With more than 2,400 active employees across the country and a commitment to rethinking the insurance experience, we’re poised for great things.


We’re now adding to our high-performance team to take us into the future. Let’s rethink insurance, together.

Job Description

We are Sonnet , Canada’s smart new insurance done completely online. We set out to change how Canadians feel about insurance, and that means changing how we think about customer service too. 

We look for people who, like us, care enough to change everything.  People who love people, who don’t take themselves too seriously, can work in ambiguity, support each other and communicate authentically.  Simply put, we value people who are real.  Also, we are a technology company, so self-professed digital geeks are more than welcome. 

When our customers reach out to us with questions or need help to solve a problem, we want them to feel like they are being helped by someone who really cares.  The feedback we hear so far is that talking to one of our Customer Service Heroes is like talking to friends or family and we NEVER want that to change. 

If all that doesn’t sound like you, then stop reading now!  If it does sound like you, read on!

What are our Heroes saying about us?

We can tell you all about the job, but part of what we do differently is that we involve our team in as much as possible.  We think hiring their teammates is a process where they should definitely be involved.  Here are just a few examples of what they said about the job:

  • Managers who encourage quality over quantity so you can have freedom with customer interactions
  • We can be ourselves instead of a robot
  • The people and the culture are amazing! We’re like a family
  • I have never seen such a team committed to positivity, finding answers and doing great work every single day
  • Technology is very modern and is set up to help the CSR rather than create technical limitations (we have two monitors!)
  • Ergonomic desk stations
  • Assistance with additional courses if you want to dive further into your career
  • Ping pong and table soccer in the kitchen!
  • Good, free coffee 
  • Lots of perks, team outings and events
  • The support system here is amazing; management really is here to help us!
  • The management team genuinely tries to be transparent and honest about high-level decisions and how they will affect us
  • We have a voice
  • Mistakes here are turned into positives and result in personal growth, which is so refreshing
  • Cooperative approach to issues —we help each other. All for one and one for all!

Brief Description of the Role & Responsibilities:

  • Customers call, chat online and email you about our products
  • You answer those calls, chats and emails
  • You fix people’s problems and make them happy because you actually care
  • You are yourself
  • You work hard
  • You constantly take time to learn about our products because no matter how much training you get, there is still so much to learn to become the kind of customer care professional we need and expect
  • You raise your teammates up by being an amazing, positive person that people can rely on
  • You like to have fun and think it’s cool to work for a digital disruptor
  • You don’t think working in customer service is anything less than an amazing job, that is an extremely important part of a company’s success and is a highly respected role.  At Sonnet, it truly is.  Customer experience is what we are all about.  If you don’t feel the same way, you would be happier moving on to the next job posting!
  • You look forward to opportunities to grow and advance
  • You enjoy a highly competitive salary, 3 weeks of vacation, prizes and incentives, comprehensive benefits and a palpable culture of customer service

Who We Are:

Sonnet is a federally regulated insurance company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Economical Insurance.  Our mission is to provide Canadians with an easy, transparent and customized way to buy home and auto insurance online.  Our values are clear and simple:  we focus on our customers first, we bring our best and we’re stronger together.  

Experience the future of insurance at, and find out more about us on:  LinkedInTwitterInstagram ,  and Facebook .

Your Skills & Experience:

  • It helps if you’ve done this before, so if you’ve worked in a role where you were responsible to help customers, that’s good.  If you have, but for less than a year, then it's probably best if you get more experience.  We will still be here when you are ready 
  • If it was for a company that really cared about customers and was known for that, even better.  If you were thought of as a top producer who was known both for getting a lot of work done and left a trail of smiling, happy customers, now we are really talking
  • If it was in an in-bound call centre and/or a retail store, then you are still on track
  • If you have any experience supporting a digital company (no stores or physical products), add another check mark to your list
  • We use computers and other technology to do our jobs.  You have to know how to use computers (even be pretty good at it) and be web-savvy too.  This may go without saying but now you know for sure
  • You may already possess a Property and Casualty (P&C) agent license(s) or are willing to pursue with paid training
  • Finally, you must be skilled at improving your skills, sometimes with little supervision; lots of action here, lots of changes all the   time and lots to learn.  Think about it - do you have the skill of improving your own skills? 

Note - if you have rigid, inflexible availability, then it's probably best if you don’t apply because things change, our hours can change, and your schedule can change which means you may need to change too.


Apply on our corporate careers website: To complete the online application process, you’ll need to upload your resume before you apply for the role you’re interested in. Please note that only one document can be uploaded, so be sure to combine your resume and cover letter.

Contact Information

Economical Insurance
519.570.8500 ext.42905